Saturday, April 2, 2011


So, this weekend has been reserved for trying to recover from my weekend two weekends ago ... I need to play catch up. St. Patty's Day coupled with my Birthday weekend kicked my ass. And then I've been working all day, doing homework at night, and sending out job applications ... I need a time out. This being said, I decided better late than never to show you some Bapalooza pictures. Birthdays stop being exciting after 21, but I have great friends and a former roomie that shares my birthday, so we did it up right :) Enjoy ... I know I did

yay for 23 :)

                                                                *Blond Bombshells*
                                                                      *My Oxygen*
                                                       *Celebration of the Pisces*
                                                                      *Team Tati*
                                                       Telling the year of 22 it can suck it :)
                                                             *Baby Milam in the bar*
                                                                   *Twins turning 23*

Sorry ... picture overload ... but I have no words ... I am surrounded by great people that love me enough to make 23 (which is the year of Blink 182 saying nobody likes you) the best birthday :) P.S. don't ya love my Zebra :) yeah JC Penney for 10 dollars :)

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