Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Playing Catch Up: a Tuesday with wagging tails and some Wednesday loves

I'm running behind schedule ... like a day behind schedule ... what? 
Sick puppies + sick mommas + irritating boyfriends + lack of sleep + masters + teaching + tailgating a high school lacrosse game (long story ... it's a best friend thing) = a day behind schedule ... so today I'm playing catch up and killing two birds with one stone (not really ... we don't actually kill birds here) anyways today you get two for the price of one!

The Tail Wagging Tuesday I missed was all about sleepy puppies! If you want to see all the other ones go visit CMae! over at Live What You Love and take a look at all the pretty babies! Plus ... CMae is awesome and you'll fall in love with her blog!

Mr. Dalton's favorite place to sleep is wherever Bailey is sleeping :) He loves to snuggle Bailey or Me :) and that is my favorite thing about him! Ever since I brought him home he has had a thing for blankies :) The last picture, with the purple blanky, is what he sleeps with now. Yes he sleeps in my bed, yes I think this is normal. and no I do not care that my allergies protest this I will not kick him out. So at night we have me and Mr. Dalton snuggled in my king sized bed with the purple blanky :)

OK on to Wednesday Loves
1. I'm loving teaching! I'm currently in a long term substitute position and I get to plan and teach and have my own (pretend) class ... I LOVE it :) This is what I should be doing people! Trust me! This is what I'm made for!

2. I'm loving that the Dalton baby is feeling better :) I was a worried momma there for awhile, but he seems to be doing better ... keep those fingers crossed this continues.

3. I'm loving nights out with my Jessica ... she makes everything better. You know those posts about me losing my mind about stupid ex-girlfriend and stupid boyfriend ... she made my life much more manageable last night ... special thanks to the lovely Jess for saving me over and over again
is that me tailgating a high school lacrosse game ... why yes it is ... complete with a cold and no understanding of lacrosse whatsoever 

to end this long, catch up post ... unfortunately ... here is one thing I don't love this Wednesday

poor poor other fur baby Mr. Gunner Man ... he got mud fever ... which is like a rash for horses. Mud fever = iodine baths that turns my white baby and my skin orange. It's been a long week ... why are my babies such a hot mess all at once? They're taking after their momma ... easshh

Happy Hump Day Loves ... Thanks for playing catch up with me :)

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  1. Hi there!
    Thanks for stopping by Little Lucy Lu today! I'm glad I made you smile. :-)
    I'm a horse girl, too! And I have definitely been there with mud fever ... lately, it's "scratches" I've been dealing with with one of my horses ... ugh. That's even worse, I think!
    Good luck!