Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Better Late than Never ... Tuesday!

So, I know it is 10:00 on Tuesday and everyone else has their Tail-wagging Tuesday Posts in ... but Hey! Better late than never right? I think so too!

 I am linking up with CMae over at Live What You Love! to show off my furchild's BLING BLING :) and I know she won't care that I'm bringing up the post rear and you should for sure go visit her fabulous, friendly self :)

Without further ado ... bling bling ... here we go

I was trying to get the words on his little bone medallion but alas I couldn't ... however it says "Best Friends ...  (no bones about it)" :) and then his tag has his basic info and he has a bell so I can always know where he is ... vital so he doesn't get puppy ideas and get into things :)

So ... clearly, his collar is black. Yep ... plain old black. Did I hear a "why do you let your furchild run around with a plain black collar when you are so fashionable, Bethey?" Well let me tell you blogger friends that I made one huge mistake early on ... I picked out a baby collar to bring Dalton home with and I wanted blue because that is his Daddy's favorite color, but the only blue they had was patterned ... no big deal right? Wrong. Later on Scott (aka Dalton's Daddy) pointed out that the pattern was in fact butterflies ... ooops ... so now Daddy demands that Dalton be treated like a man and have a manly collar. Black it is to match the black leash ... welcome to our pretty original family :)

That's Dalton's Bling ... or lack thereof :) Sorry it's so late once again, but you know at least I made it before midnight!

p.s. Dalton has a naked phobia and doesn't like his collar being touched unless he's being taken for a walk, which is why I had to wrestle it off of him to take a picture of the medallion ... easshh ... this is what he looked like after our wrestle and the collar is safely back on
what a survivor ... or a spoiled baby ... you decide :)

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  1. Dalton is so cute! I love that little bone tag--precious!

    P.S. Thanks so much for your sweet comments! Have a great day!