Sunday, April 17, 2011

Challenge ... ACCEPTED

Ok ... so here it is ... I weigh way more than I want to. This is another reality of life after college ... when you move back home to the world of people having enough money to buy food ... you gain weight. When you move back home to a boyfriend who can eat whatever the hell he wants and never gain a pound ... you gain weight. When you start drinking everyday, because 1. beer tastes good and 2. you tend to be a little disappointed with your life and beer makes you feel better ... you gain weight. Fast forward to almost a year of being out of college and all the above weight busters and I am 5 foot 6 inches and I weigh ... uhh ... cough ... 148 pounds :(. Wow. I've never even said that out loud, let alone tell an entire sphere of people ... because I don't want to accept it. I've been reading Bethenny Frankel's book A Place of Yes and I found myself lying awake one night and realizing that DAMN she is right and I need to stop hiding from the weight I've gained, embrace the challenge, and do something about it. So, here we are. I knew that there was no better way than facing up to losing weight than telling all of you how much I actual weigh and (Gasp) actually put a picture of my chunky myself in my swimsuit :(. This is huge for me guys. I'm super vain and try to never paint myself in an unflattering light ... but here we go


See that spare tire ... see that huge butt ... see that cellulite ... and those rolls. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE
I must do something about this. Now ... My BMI is in the acceptable range, but I am not happy with it and I need to do something about it. I want to lose AT LEAST 20 pounds and I want to do it without cutting out all of my favorite foods. As Bethenny (who is my icon by the by) would say "Know Thyself" ... I like beer and I like some junk food and there is no way I can cut these things out for the rest of my life ... so I need to find a way to work around the OCCASIONAL (yes portion control is vital) beer or pizza or chips. Another problem ... I lost all my running stamina and persistence slowly in college. It is now gone ... sigh ... I must get it back.
So ... here's the ultimate deal ... now that you've seen my chunky pictures and you know my goals ... I'm going to keep you updated. I'm going to keep you appraised of the goings ons off my weight ... the things I eat ... what I do to work out ... and the weight I lose. Hopefully I won't have to keep posting unflattering pictures of myself in a swimsuit :( 

This is REAL people ... this is TRUE LIFE: I must lose weight
This isn't an unrealistic account of someone who is already skinny and just bitching about a pound and of course this isn't the biggest loser ... this is the place of in between, where most of us are. And I'm going to share my journey with you.

"The business of being happy requires making a conscious choice. People think being happy will just happen to them someday, if only they do this or that right. But it doesn't - you have to choose it. You choose happiness, you don't wait for it to choose you."  ~Bethenny Frankel ... A Place of Yes

I'm trying Bethenny ... I can't do much to control the fact that no one is hiring teachers right now, but I can fix my weight ... I'm taking control and trying to be HAPPY


  1. good luck on your weight loss journey!
    thank you for your sweet comment, it is hard to get stuff done cause I just want to play with my girls all day!

  2. Ok, I am with you on this. Being Bethenny obsessed, i think i need to invest in the book

    life post grad is a struggle, and weight piles on (holy crap, had no idea!) I went from wedding weight (nothing unusual) to plump in a few months.

    also- hate that no one is hiring (i actually wrote a very frustrating post about it.

    Emotionally and physically, I am drained. Time to take control.

    Let's do this together (i think... still trying to push myself to lose the weight, i just have no motivation!)

  3. You are very inspiring! It is great you are open about your goals, I wish you the best of luck! Look forward to following you on your journey!

    Monique xx

  4. Bravo!! You are brave and FAB! I have four weddings and a lot of bachelorette parties that will consist of bathing suit attire. When I get back from Mexico I'm right there with ya. You can do it...hell we all can do it...gulp!

  5. Thanks for all the support ladies! You made the start to my week fabulous! I think we can all do this ... all for one and one for all kind of business :) haha ... I'll keep you up to date!