Monday, April 25, 2011

Sick Puppy

Ok ... took Mr. Dalton to the vet who thinks he ate something he shouldn't have and now he is on a strict feeding schedule with the blandest food possible ... I think he might be more unhappy now then when he was sick ... haha my baby likes to eat. Meanwhile I'm stressing about sick babies :( I'm a worrier and I'm trying to keep it in check. I'm toasting to healthy happy fur babies and less stressed momma's :)

look at that face :)
of course I worry about him

on another note the period is overtaking my feelings ... it is making me pose these two questions to my lovely ladies on here 
1. why should I be ok with the horrendous horrible ex girlfriend who happens to be in my space sometimes? Why should I deal with this? Even if the boyfriend doesn't speak to her and doesn't like her, should I have to tolerate her? Because honestly I think not.
2. Why do I have to be peppy all the time? Sometimes life sucks ... hello hence the blog ... I'm not gonna pretend that everything is lovely when in fact it blows. Is this not ok?

Honest answers (agreeing with me or not) are welcome ... I just had to get some stress off my plate


  1. with the ex--> when my husband and i started dating his ex was pissed, and we were in the same group of friends, and in the same activities, we were always together. he wasn't talking to her, she was psychotic, and i felt like i had to be the nice one. the psychotic mess continued until she got engaged. it sucked. if i were to do it differently, i would have cut her out. Just ignored everything. But i am glad that i had a girlfriend to go to and share all of the crazy shit she did! That made it all do-able, and we still laugh about it!

    2) no one is peppy all the time. be in a funk, write it out, and curl up with some brownie batter and a movie, life gets better. the next day, fake it 'till you make it. You do feel better when you smile.

  2. I hope your puppy feels much better soon! Sorry about the stress with the ex. I think ex girlfriends are the worst part of relationships especially when they try to interfere. Just remember he's with you instead of her for a reason.

  3. I'm definitely with you - sometimes life does suck. No one is happy *all* the time and it is a totally unfair expectations!

    I'm your newest follower :)