Saturday, April 23, 2011

No fat pictures today

To all of those who were hoping I would post another gross, chunky, bathing suit picture this weekend ... sorry for your luck. I mean I know you're dying to see it, but really what difference can a week make in dieting adventures? Not much right ... so you'll have to settle for two week weigh ins. Let's get real ... my sanity can't handle anything other than two week weigh ins.

However ... here are some things I'm loving to help me take care of my unacceptable, chunky, disappointed self

Glamour Magazine's Suddenly Bare Workout ... which you can find here! I love it ... I feel like I actually worked out after it and that maybe I will be ready to be suddenly bare when the time comes!

My Fitness Pal! You can find that here! This is so handy! It tracks my food calories and what I'm allowed to have in relation to how much I want to lose! It rocks ... if you are crazy busy and can't keep track this is an excellent way to do so!

I'm also loving my walking/jogging as much as I can ... eassh ... partner!
A tribute to you Dalton for forcing me to work out even when it sucks to go outside! What would I do without you?! :)

p.s. disclaimer ... this was NOT taken in April ... do not get upset!


  1. just joined myfitnesspal! Today was a god day to start since I had a pretty good workout this morning, and have eaten very well today! It was encouraging!

  2. Hey honey! You are too adorable! I'm your newest follower. I really appreciate your sweet comments on my blog! Yes, I wrote a novel and it will be available on Amazon on May 6! Hope you can visit again soon!!!!! Kori xoxo