Thursday, March 31, 2011

Le Sigh

Trying to be positive ... but sometimes there just has to be a moment where I step back and ... sigh

Some things I can't help but sigh over

  • the snow ... le sigh ... generally I am team snow's #1 fan! but not almost in April ... sorry team snow I'm a front runner and only appreciate you in December and January ... now go away
  • senate bill 5 ... le sigh ... why do we think teachers aren't important? why are we trying to make it impossible for them to live off their own salaries? why are we attacking unions? this happened once before ... back in the McCarthy era ... he turned out to be crazy.
  • not having a job ... le sigh ... besides the obvious money issues ... I just want to teach and I'll be damn good at it ... why is that so much to ask?
  • ketchup keys ... le sigh ... I got ketchup on my phone ... dammit why am I such a mess
I'll try to stop my sighing tonight and bring some positivity your way tomorrow!

But for now remember sometimes it is ok to step back and think *Le Sigh* 

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