Tuesday, June 14, 2011

*New Room*

This is my 75th post ... wow ... when I first started blogging and realized that I ran out of things to bitch about I wondered how I would continue on in the blogoshpere ... but alas I have kept going (sporadic at best I know ... sorry) and I think I have all of you lovely people to thank. I would have never made it to 75 without inspiration and link ups and reading all your fabulous stories! So, thank-you my friends! And thank-you for not giving up on me when I don't blog for a week (oooppss sorry).

Anyways ... on with the post ... does anyone remember when I showed you all the awful pictures of my 13 year old room that I had to move back into and I told you that my wonderful, amazing mother was in the process of re-doing it and suiting it to my adult needs? If you don't remember you can go HERE and see the ugly pictures and my wish that it be re-done right away. Well .... it's finally finished! Wooooooooo! I love it here now! I hardly leave! :) there's still some picture frames that need hung and new pictures put in them ... but the big overall picture is D-O-N-E Woooo! Take a look ...

The NEW bathroom! :)

Bigger views of the room :)

My favorite part of my room :) the bookshelf, desk combo 
What can I say ... I'm an English Teacher

Ta Da! There it is :) and I'm loving every minute of living in it!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Book 'em Dano!

Remember how I complained all week about not knowing what day it is? These girls are the reason for all my confusion

First the women from a former school I worked for took me out to celebrate my new Big Girl JOB!
They made me do shots
and more shots
oh and some more shots


Then it was off to a Bachelorette party for the pretty girl in the pretty red dress
it was on an island
with lots of drink
lots of penis (the decorating kind ... ha)
lots of sun
lots of dancing
not so much food
not so much sleep
and a ferry ride back home


Then it was Memorial Day Parade tradition with my beautiful girlfriends
which also meant
no sleep
and some day drinks

Need I say more?

Here's hoping I get my days straight this week :)

But if the epitome of fun isn't driving a penis clad golf cart on an island, while day drinking
celebrating marriage
then I just don't know what you think fun is.

Friday, June 3, 2011

What Day Is It?

I suck at blogging ... when everything else in life gets so busy and crazy and my room looks like a hurricane ripped through it and I have to be 18 different places at once and my puppy is crying because he wants walked and I have a stack of books I have to read by the end of August and months worth of planning to do for my BRAND NEW JOB and my horses stall needs cleaned desperately and the laundry is overflowing ... blogging is the thing that falls by the wayside. I am sorry. If you gave up reading my blog ... well I just don't blame you.

I went through this whole week until today thinking Wednesday was actually Tuesday and then I got to today and realized it was Friday but it doesn't really matter because I also have to work tomorrow which happens to be Saturday.

Take pity on me please and send me some suggestions on how to keep my life and my blogger in order!

Have a great weekend ... since it is Friday after all.