Friday, April 8, 2011


WOO FRIDAY!!! So, I might be a link post addict now ... but I don't care I love it! and it helps kick start my mind when I'm not sure what to write about! So, for today's link post I'm visiting the lovely A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with Toys and joining the FUN for ... FUN FRIDAYS!

I know it's lame, but I'm beyond excited that I get two mornings this weekend with pure sleeping in bliss. This rarely ever happens and a lot you probably don't know yet, but I value my sleep and adore days where I can sleep till I feel like getting out of bed ... mmm it's going to be glorious

If I get some good old fashion snuggling in (which I'm willing to be t at least 5 dollars will happen ... if I can convince the boy which I think I can) then my weekend will be complete

In other news ... tonight ... I'm sucking one of my bests into the Twilight obsession with me! I refused to like the books when I started reading them because I don't like to drift with the crowd, but after the first book I was a gonner ... sigh ... oh well I'll admit it I love me some Twilight. And I'm proud to say I sucked another person into the obsession :) and tonight we are having a New Moon and Eclipse marathon complete with food and drinks ... doesn't get much better than a Friday night in PJ's with a best some food some drinks and a couple obsessiontastic movies :)


Happy Friday everyone! I hope your weekend is filled with as equally satisfying things like sleep and Twilight marathons :)

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  1. Sleeping in AND a Twilight marathon?! My kind of weekend! Enjoy :)