Monday, April 25, 2011

Modernism Monday

Today in class we are doing Modernism ... this era and the mood of it pretty much reflects how I'm currently feeling :(

Easter started off not great when I woke up to Mr. Dalton (my furbaby) puking :( then he would not eat ... then of course I worried all day yesterday because nothing to check my poor baby was open :(

Easter went up hill because I have awesome family

But then down hill again because I had to deal with all these things at the same time
sick puppy :(
period :(
period emotions :(
stupid, horrible, horendous ex-grilfriend that just won't go the hell away :(
boyfriend not being the most understanding of my current mood :(

And today I'm dealing with:
sick puppy :(
no sleep because of sick puppy and lame boyfriend :(
wicked sore throat to the point of not swallowing :(
period emotions combined with emotions about awful ex-girlfriend :(

yep ... modernism ... I feel ya

Hope y'all have a better day and I'll keep you posted about Mr. D's vet visit :( poor poor baby

p.s. aren't ex-girlfriends the worst? why does she still exist in my life? if you feel my pain let me know ... it might make me feel better

Happy Modernism Monday everybody!

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