Monday, February 14, 2011

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ~C.S. Lewis

Day 13: Goals

I apologize for getting behind ... I went to see my long lost college lovelies this weekend and they took up all my time ... best friends over blogs in my world.  Anyways, I'm back and raring to go. 

So, goals. Well I fully believe in the quote I titled this with and probably come up with new goals and hopes and dreams everyday, especially since I am a dreamer who likes to live in books and TV shows. I do have some long term goals, however, that I've been persistent about since I was little.

1. I will be a great teacher. Once I find a big girl job, where someone takes a chance on me, and gives me my own classroom ... I will be a phenomenal teacher.  I will be the teacher that people remember, that students talk about, and that everyone is sad to see retire. I know I have this in me and I will use my talent to inspire students and help them grow into competent adults.  I will settle for being an extraordinary substitute teacher until I get the job, but mark my words once I do get that job ... I will be amazing.

2. I will get my doctorate someday. I have wanted to be Dr. Bethey ever since I was a little girl and I will eventually make that happen. I haven't really decided if I want to get my doctorate in education or English, but either way it will happen. I am smart and I am proud of myself for being smart, but don't worry I will use my powers for good and get my doctorate to help people.

3. I will find the kind of happiness that some people can only dream of. I will fall in love and have the life that I want and find extreme happiness along the way. I usually find a way to get what I want and this is no different. I will not sit around and wait on happiness or life ... I will make my own way and create it.

4. I will never lose faith in myself or God or in others. This one is hard ... it is the ultimate goal. This takes considerable effort from me to take my circumstances in stride and truly believe that it will all be ok. This takes confidence that I can do whatever I set out to do, confidence that I have a heavenly father who loves me no matter what, and confidence that I surrounded myself with people who are dependable and won't let me down. Even when times are hard I strive for that faith and at the end of the day that is the goal I make myself reach.

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