Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Sure, Just let me hold you for a few more minutes. That's what's gonna fix me." ~Lucas Scott

Day 11: Favorite TV shows

The above quote is from my all time favorite TV show next to Gilmore Girls. I watched Gilmore Girls religiously until it went of the air and then my mom bought me every season of it for Christmas. My college roommates will tell you that they can now sing the theme song to that show and know who every character is.
Who could not love a show with two beautiful women, who love each other completely, are so smart, and so funny? When I started watching this show it was for the banter of conversation back and forth between them. They manage to make so many references to pop culture, but don't sound stupid doing so. Then I fell for them because Rory (the daughter) loves to read like me and both mother and daughter can't exist without coffee, also like me. Finally, I fell for their characters. I wanted to see them happy just like they were a part of my family. I'm sad they don't make any new ones, but they keep me company on DVD when I need someone to make me smile.

Back to the title quote. That is from my all time favorite character, Lucas Scott, on my -now- all time favorite show, One Tree Hill. Not only is it from my favorite character, but he is speaking to my other favorite character, Peyton Sawyer, and the both of them just so happen to be my all time favorite love story! Did you catch all those favorites?
Lucas loved Peyton ever since they were little and even though they had a hard time being in the same place emotionally at the same time (spoiler alert) they still managed to get here:
MARRIED with a BABY :) and they all lived happily every after :) *sigh* a girl can dream right. Anyways I love their love story and I would love to be swept off my feet by someone like Lucas Scott.

I've mentioned before that I'm a TV whore. That I watch heroic amounts of television ... so, trust me, those two aren't the only shows I watch, just the ones I'm obsessed with. Here's a run down of my TV driven week

Mondays: Gossip Girl and House
Tuesdays: One Tree Hill, Biggest Loser
Wednesdays: South Park, America's Next Top Model, and Criminal Minds
Thursdays: I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice (can't help it ... I am a girl and I'm not ashamed to put it out there) but I also like to record Its Always Sunny and The League and watch it later
Friday-Sunday: I don't have any shows I must watch, but this time is when I catch up on recorded shows like:  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (the only trashy reality show I'm addicted to and I'm also not ashamed to admit that), What Not to Wear, and other E News things that tell me all about the celebs' lives.
Also, if I'm up early enough I will sit in front of the TV for an hour or two straight to watch Saved by the Bell and Boy Meets World ... love those and watched them every day of my childhood.

So those are my shows.  It's ok to be a little frightened for my sanity now that you really know how much TV I watch, but it is what it is. I like other peoples' drama because then I don't have to concentrate on my own.


  1. Is it mildly weird that most of our friendship was founded off our mutual obsession with each side of the Lucas and Peyton storyline? Am I less of a man for ever putting that thought down for everyone to see? The answer to both is an adamant "yes!"

  2. hahaha I don't care if you think the answer is an adamant yes ... I love that Lucas and Peyton brought us together :)