Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Titles are but nicknames, and every nickname is a title." ~Thomas Paine

Day 20: Nicknames 

The truly great thing about my name is that it is already a nickname.  My real name is Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Bethey. My Mom wanted to name me after my Aunt Beth, but she didn't want anyone to call me Liz, so the minute I came out she started calling me Bethey. Not Elizabeth (too old fashioned), not Liz (because she didn't like it), and not just Beth (because there had to be a difference between me and my Aunt Beth). I've always been Bethey. My Grandpa (the one that I lost, that I miss every day) started calling me Miss when I was little and umm cough "snotty" cough I would argue it was just my Sass exerting itself in my childhood form, but whatever, either way ... I would get snotty/sassy and he would call me Miss.  That soon turned into Miss Bethey and that's to this day what my family still calls me. I love my Miss Bethey identity, not only because it suits me, but because every time someone calls me that I remember my Grandpa and I smile :)


  1. You forgot the most important one....

  2. you know I love the name freckles :) but it's only special because you're the only one that calls me that!