Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 16: My Dream House

Shoot. I can't even come up with a quote for this one. A dream house? I currently occupy a room in my parent's home and see no end to that ... so ... dream house? How about let's just get a job, pay off some loans, and then consider a house? I do, however, have some ideas about what would go inside a house if I can actually get one.

I want an office. A place that I can decorate as I please, keep my books, and grade my papers. I want built in shelves because I have a lot (a lot) of books.
I have other ideas for various other rooms but ya know I'll need that job first. I do know that I want the space next to my parent's house on my family's land and I'll build my own house with all the rooms reflecting me and the person I'm sharing my life with. Until I can do all that, though, I will enjoy my room at my parent's house :)

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  1. Yeah, I've got a LOT of saving to do before I can consider a house. Doesn't stop me from daydreaming though. I've only got a few vague ideas of what I want in my house, which I've had to seperate into "realistic" and "cloud cuckoo land". The realistic ones are a power shower, a huge brick barbecue and a fireplace. Cloud cuckoo land includes an entrance hall and a libary.

    Maybe-but-probably-not includes a detached property. It's not completely impossible but the house valuation on that kind of house tends to be crazy.

    *sigh* That must be why they call it a "dream" house.