Tuesday, February 22, 2011

“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.” ~Dr. Seuss

Day 19: Something you Miss :(

Can a person go through a day without missing several things at once? I find myself missing a lot of little things all at once, all the time ... I am a bit of a nostalgic though, but it's hard to not long for what once was when what is isn't as happy as one would like. I often miss Christmas, sunshine, showing my horse, twirling in high school, high school, nap time, my cousins being babies, my 21st birthday, my Dog being a Puppy, my body in high school, my long long hair, Thanksgivings with my entire extended family ... the list could go on ... but for the sake of this post I'll concentrate on just a few

I miss teaching. I desperately want my own classroom, my own students, my own lessons, and a place to go everyday to do what I love.
This is from student teaching :) I loved student teaching ... even though it was exhausting and frustrating and thrilling all at the same time I loved every minute of it ... especially now that I'm not doing it anymore I want it back so bad. I would give just about anything to teach again ... so ya know after my desperate rant if you hear of any Ohio openings shoot me a comment :)

I miss the BSC. This is a catch-22 of course because when I was at college I missed all my loves from home and my family ... now that I'm home I miss the women I love that are still back in the college area.
Here they are ... the women who kept me sane those four impossible college years ... I miss them each and every day.

Most of all, I miss my Grandpa Thomas. This summer will be two years since he passed away and I still find myself wishing I could drive ten minutes to his house so I can get one of his famous hugs.
He was the healer of broken hearts and sunburns and taught people how to tie their shoes and drive cars. He and my Grandma were the example of love, honesty, and marriage and showed all of us by example how to be kind, compassionate, loving people. I miss him. When I had a bad day, he could always fix it and when I accomplished something, he was the first to celebrate with me. I like to think that he's watching me always and that he understands my heartache over not having a job, but would applaud my decision of family over work. He was a great man and the best Grandfather I could ever have.

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