Thursday, March 3, 2011

“Music is what feelings sound like.”

Day 25: put your ipod on shuffle ... first ten songs

I was nervous about this day because I was sure that when I did this every single one of my guilty pleasures would show up and I would have to put my severe embarrassment out in the blogoshpere ... but alas I actually think my ten songs show my multifaceted personality (or what I would like to think is multifaceted) here they are:

1. "All I Want for Christmas is You" ~Mariah Carey :) I adore Christmas music and would listen to it everyday if people didn't think that was strange

2. "ABC's" ~Gift of Gab my boyfriend turned me onto them ... this is what would be considered a rap group but not your typical rap that people listen to ... their lyrics are actually inspiring

3. "Summertime" ~Kenny Chesney guilty pleasure alert! I can't help it there are times in the summer when I need some country music to soothe my soul :)

4. "A to G" ~Blackalicious another "rap" group ... I guess more hip hop really ... that my boyfriend turned me onto ... this is a free style letter rap and it is awesome

5. "I Need you Now" ~Lady Antebellum yeah I jumped on this band wagon, I can't help it I loved belting this song with my friends :)

6. "I Wanna Lick You" ~Ludacris who can live without some Ludacris in there lives? ha

7. "Never Gonna Give You Up" ~Rick Astley haha talk about dirty pleasures ... oh well I love it especially that my friends and I can sing every word to it :)

8. "The Business" ~Yung Berg yep I love some traditional rap too

9. "Alice" ~Avril Lavigne I love Alice in Wonderland the old and the new one 

10. Roadside ... that's the band I'm not sure of the song name ... this is the first band my boyfriend was ever in :) he was in it when we met ... I will always love them.

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