Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"I should come with a warning label"

Day 30: A picture

Ok ... I'm going to be a cheater cheater pumpkin eater and finish this challenge off doing two posts in one day ... oh and if anyone wants to know why I'm up and blogging so early ... Welcome to the life of a substitute or an insomniac ... depends on what day you catch me.

Anyhoo ... Have you ever heard of Anne Taintor? She's the fabulous designer that uses those old 50's girls pictures and then puts hilarious sayings with them, that are so dead on and inappropriate that they're funny. I love her! Sometimes I wish I was her and other times in my dream world I am her ... not creepy at all ... moving on.

This one is my favorite
So. Absolutely. Me. ha, but really I would like to think this highly of myself :) and I'm going to start trying to think that highly of myself today and forever ... this should last about another hour.

WOOT I'm done ... of course now I don't have someone telling me what to write ... I might not have thought this through.

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