Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm sure your other more organized, more responsible mommy does not have to take clothes out of the hamper

My dog is judging me again ... every time I go to grab something out of the hamper he gives me his "mom, really?" look and I want to say, "look, you get freaking hair all over everything so I have to throw it in the hamper, but sometimes it can be worn again." Now, before you think I'm a total pig ... I think it is totally acceptable to hamper dive for jeans or workout clothes ... everything else off limits ... so don't go judging me like my dog. Why would I want to wash 5 pairs of workout clothes every weekend if I'm just gonna sweat in them and then shower? So, instead, to my dog's dismay I pull them out of the hamper and wear 'em again ... this is normal isn't it?

This is his judgement face ... always reserved for me ... never his dad ... why is that?

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