Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Thus, the past is part of the present as long as the other person lives. It is better than any scrapbook, because you are both living scrapbooks.”

Day 23: Favorite Vacation

I haven't been a lot of places and haven't taken a lot of vacations ... when your Mom and Dad both work in schools and there's three kids and animals long, expansive vacations aren't realistic. We did, however, used to go and stay weeks with my Grandma and Grandpa out at their campsite. We would go boating, swimming, the adults would ski, and we would stay in their motor home. When we were a little older we would be able to alternate weeks and go stay with our Grandparents all by ourselves for our own personal vacation :) I would give anything to have that time back. A time where there were no worries and relaxation wasn't looked at as wasteful, but part of the trip. A time when we were all still together, when my Grandpa wasn't sick and was still with us, and we all still lived at home. I loved those weeks at the lake "camping" in the motor home :) and hope that maybe I'll get to do it again with my kids someday.

p.s. I would like to thank my Grandpa for ensuring that I would never actually camp ... like with a tent and the ground and no bathroom ... eww ... thanks for spoiling me Papa :)

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  1. Aww Freckles has never roughed it. Why am I not surprised?