Monday, January 31, 2011

"A friend is a brother who was once a bother"

Day 5: Your siblings 

I was around two when I stopped being able to sit on my mommy's lap and it wasn't because she didn't like to hold me, it was because she was too huge around to even have a lap. That was the day I decided I didn't want my brothers. My mom couldn't hold me anymore, she couldn't pick me up, she couldn't run and play all because of those darn brothers. The day they were born my aunts took me to the hospital. They tell me I had no interest in my brothers, but I wanted my mom so bad that I started being loud about it and the doctors kicked me out of the hospital ... stupid brothers. Flash forward about two years and I had to go to preschool just to get away from them ... this was about the time I kept asking, "Do we have to keep these brothers?" And informing anyone who would listen that "I don't want those brothers" and "can we give those brothers back?"
Thomas Michael Herchek and Jeffrey John Herchek ... born July 15, 1990 ... my friends who sure did start out as bothers and turned into my brothers. My baby brothers, as I now call them which is ridiculous because they are so much taller and stronger than me, became my best friends about the time I graduated from college. Now, I can't wait until they come home from college. Now, I can't wait until I see their cars in the driveway. Now, I say to my mom, "When will those brothers be home?" Funny how life always comes full circle.
My Baby Brother holding My Baby :) This is my other red-headed sibling. The one who would let me sleep with him if it was thunder storming because I was so afraid. The one who would answer the phone at midnight  so I had someone to talk to on my walk home from work. The one who taught me to love Duke and all things basketball. The one who lets my dog climb into bed with him when I have to go to work. I love him.


My Babiest Brother (because he was born a whole 20 minutes after his twin) :) He's the one who will sit and play Jeopardy with me or Sporkle or Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader ... really whatever game as long as it's trivia. He's the one that taught me the love of the Lakers and the rest of all things basketball. He's the one who will threaten to beat me up one minute and then kiss all over me the next. He's the one that saw me crying after a boy broke my heart and sat and held me.

My baby brothers. I count it a blessing everyday that I didn't get sisters. Instead I got these two ridiculous, funny, handsome, smart, silly, great little brothers that complete my world. What would I do without brothers who will tell me they love me in front of their friends, or let me jump on them in a hug when I haven't seen them for too long, or don't get embarrassed when I wear shirts saying they belong to me at basketball games? Just as my parents helped build me, so did my brothers. Without them I wouldn't know the rules to every sports game worth knowing nor would I be able to shock the hell out of guys when I know the answer to an obscure sports question. Without them I wouldn't have anyone to wait out a thunderstorm with. Without them I wouldn't have anyone willing to comfort me at any hour day or night.
They're the best and while they were so annoying all growing up I'm glad no one let me "give those brothers back" because I would sure miss them now.
  oh and p.s. they always always let me talk them into pictures they don't want to take :) could they be any better at being brothers :)

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