Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Regret makes you old and Bitterness poisons those around you"

This blog is basically a spot where I can bitch and have the slight chance that another random person who is going through the same thing I am will see this and realize we are never alone. Welcome to what life is really like after you graduate.  There's things that you have to try and not regret because we all know that regret is bad for you and you have to try and not become bitter about your happenstance because we all know no one wants to be friends with someone who is bitter (hence the title of this blog). The title of this came from the TV show One Tree Hill which I know sounds pretty lame, but I still love it. It makes me feel better when I watch it because for an hour I can pretend that I live in or am from Tree Hill and that my life can be as kick ass as all of theirs.  It also reminds me that everyone has problems, even made up characters on soap operas, and that life isn't always great.  Most of my blog titles will come from quotes because I love quotes and when I hear them I know I need to try and follow them.  I feel that if someone cared enough about this person and what they said to make it a quote that we can look up then it is probably worth following.  It is easy to think that, however, actually following through with it is another story.  Today I was feeling bitter towards where my life ended up and I was trying really hard to not regret the decisions that led me here. It's really easy to say you don't regret something when in fact you're thinking, "Hell yes I would go back and make the other decision duhh," but no one wants to hear you say that. I know it will get me no where to regret things, because I can't fix them. And I know it won't help me in any way to be bitter about it, but damn it some days I just want to feel sorry for myself. Hence the blog. I needed an outlet and this was the best option I could find that would stop irritating people. Here no one has to listen to me bitch, but I can still get it out there. And I have to tell it or I'll go crazy.
So today I kept telling myself "regret makes you old and bitterness poisons those around you" a la One Tree Hill. I'm not sure it helped, but hey it was worth a try right.

p.s. these are some of the reasons why my college life rocked ... I miss them each and every day

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