Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Home is Where Your Story Begins"

Day 4: Your Parents

HOME ... I love it there. It's a place I would rather be at most times and rarely ever want to leave in the first place. I'm just like Dorothy, I just want to go home. I know most people (lucky people) claim to have the best family ... but I really do. Lucky people get to claim they have the best parents in the whole world ... but again I really do. Anyways, I'll settle for just really believing that fact to be true ... I have the best parents/family in the whole universe of parents/family. They complete me and have made me who I am to this day. 
My Mom: beautiful, strong, compassionate, sassy, opinionated, mouthy, great listener, my hero, takes care of everyone's everything, adored by everyone, adores her family, loves to party, loves to cuddle, gives the world's best hugs, and always always says she loves you.
My Dad: stoic, smart, handsome, athletic, an amazing teacher, an even better coach, loves his family, stands by his children, stubborn, feisty temper, cares actually cares for all of his players, an amazing husband, can't cook but always springs for dinner, loyal, and loving.
I love them both with everything inside of me. They taught me everything and helped build my character to what it is. The first Christmas after my Grandpa passed away, my aunt bought everyone the plague above that says, "Home is where your story begins," because that's what my Grandpa fully believed and taught all of his children.  That theory was instilled in me too. My parents are the beginning of my story and I thank God everyday for giving me the type of parents who started the best story I could have. They have loved me from day one and what's even better is that I've actually felt that love every day of my life. They support me, they help me, they teach me, they love me every day. Even if other people think they have the best parents I will still always believe that I actually have the best ones. I wouldn't have the work ethic, or determination, or no fail attitude, or compassion, or loyalty, or the looks I do without them. They have done so much for me that even thanking them everyday for the rest of my life wouldn't be enough. So, all I can do is say "thank you for everything you've ever done and continue to do, I love you with everything I am, and promise some day to give my children the best start to their story too and hope they'll love me the way I love you."
Not only are they amazing parents, but they're such a good-looking couple :) I love them.

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  1. thru everything day in and day out... I am blessed with you!! - my very own special gift from God.
    more importantly... I am thankful that your heart is filled with the love of family and the continued blessings and love of God. xxxooo
    Psalm 23 - one valley at a time, trust in God and thank him for the trips to the mountain peaks too!