Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Redheads are too numerous to be ignored, too rare to be accepted."

DAY 1! (Introduce yourself and give 15 facts ... which I assume should be about myself)

When thinking of how to properly introduce myself I thought I should definitely hit a couple of my best features ... one being my hair hence the title of this post. That full quote reads, "Of course, part of the problem with redheads is that there aren't enough of them. They make up just two percent of the population. So they're pretty extraordinary. Redheads are too numerous to be ignored, too rare to be accepted." ~Grant McCracken. I think that about sums me up. I'm pretty extraordinary, never ignored, and not always accepted. Ha ... but really ... I like this quote because it empowers me and I'm all about trying to find things that empower me nowadays. I do have red hair ... red, curly hair to be exact and I generally like it. The texture can get on my nerves, but I love the color. I have a great smile and have been told that is my best feature. I have freckles which you can take as you wish. Some days I like them, some days I hate them, and on the rare day (especially when I've heard from my friend who uses my freckles as my nickname) I love them. I love the snow and the color purple. I can't stand fake or hateful people. I've been known to be sassy and some may call me feisty. I'm stubborn with a wicked temper, but if you stick around long enough to get through those things I have deep compassion and deep loyalty especially for all of the people I love. I started this blog because I'm a recent college graduate looking for a teaching job and I can't seem to find one. This has landed me in a spot where I'm not too terribly impressed with my life on a good day and pretty disappointed with it on a bad day. I'm working through that ... or at least trying. That's me on the surface and I'm pretty sure within the next 30 days the in depth will start to appear as well.

15 facts ... (about me right? not just facts from the news today?)

1. I watch heroic amounts of television. It is always on when I'm home. It doesn't matter if I'm reading or sleeping or writing a paper my t.v. is always on. I like the comfort of having other people that I don't necessarily have to acknowledge in the room with me. I like my alone time, but I'm not big on unending silence so the t.v. fills that void. I also like hearing other peoples' stories ... even if they're made up.

2. That leads into my favorite activity of all time ... reading. I could sit and read forever if someone would occasionally feed me. I love all different kinds of books from thrillers to Dr. Seuss, but my all time favorite type of book is the good old fashion romance novel. Yes it's a dirty pleasure and yes it's a bit embarrassing to reveal that to the blogosphere, but it is what it is. I like love stories and I like to hear how people fall in love and then try and make that love work.

3. I met this boy just about five years ago (well he's basically a man now, but then he was a boy) and he is the only boy I can honestly say I've ever fallen into that can't eat, can't sleep, can't breathe unless he's around kind of love with. He's the only person I can picture a life with and the only person I'm sure I won't stop loving until I stop breathing and probably not even then. Even if we weren't together I would still love him. I don't think I tell him that enough and he probably doesn't realize (because he's a boy) that he is the one and only love of my life.

4. I am blessed with this amazing, huge, fun, crazy, smothering, comforting, incredible family.  They were the major pull for me to move home and never move away again. I don't care if that makes me a child because I would rather live where my mommy and daddy are then strike too far out on my own ... I don't think it makes me a child ... I think it makes me unbelievably blessed. I have this type of life where I can see my grandparents or aunts and uncles or cousins any time I want. I have the kind of brothers who make sure they either call or text me from college. And I have these parents who manage to give me my own space while being the best kind of "there" possible. I am crazy thankful for all of them.

5. Teaching is my ultimate passion in life. I am grateful that I realized this was what I wanted to do with my life at such a young age, so that I could be constantly working towards that goal. I am certified to teach English in grades 7-12 and am anxious for the day when I finally have my own classroom. Best case scenario would be to teach high school English, because I adore students in that age group, but I will take whatever stinking job I can find. I know I am good at teaching and I know that someday I will change at least one of my students' lives and that will make all of the work I've put in worth it.

6. I have the most incredible set of girlfriends in the universe of girlfriends. They are my oxygen. Without them I would not function. We don't all live in the same place, but they are always there to save me, or comfort me, or bitch with me whether it is in person or over the phone. We function as a team and I thank God every day for sending me each and every one of them.

7. My mom is my best friend. I am also honored to be able to call my cousin Stacey, my Jessica, my Breezy, and my Brooke best friends as well. They are my sisters. I have no sisters by blood relation, but I am blessed to have four sister by love relation.

8. I love to watch sports.  I enjoy mostly all sports sans baseball and golf. My favorite teams are now and have always been the Pittsburgh Steelers, The LA Lakers, The Ohio State Buckeye football, and The Duke Blue Devil basketball. Contrary to what this list might indicate I am not a front runner. I have been following all of these teams for about 15 years. I've been with all these teams (from the comfort of my couch) through all the bad seasons that no one wants to remember and into the blessed great seasons that everyone complains about. They're like family in that sure they can disappoint and anger me, but I'll always love them.

9. I use to show horses and now just have my old man show horse as a pet. His name is Gunner and I will love him forever. He is my baby and is the only "man" who has always been there for me (sans my daddy). He's white and lovey and likes to play tag.

10. I'm a huge nerd. I love to learn and get bored when I'm not taking on some education endevour. I'm smart and I really like that about myself. I think smart is beautiful and if I ever have a daughter one day I will make sure she thinks that too.

11. I intend to get my doctorate one day. It is something I've always said I wanted to do and I will follow through with my intentions. One day I'll be Dr. Bethey and I know that title will be what suits me the most.

12. Speaking of Dr. Bethey ... Bethey is not my real name but it is what everyone calls me. I was born Elizabeth Renee, but because my mom isn't a huge fan of the name Liz she immediately had everyone call me Bethey. My grandpa started calling me Miss Bethey when I was young and bossy (and who are we kidding I'm still bossy as all get out) and that's what I've been to my family ever since. I like my name. It suits me. It right away shows people I'm unique and embrace that difference. I also like the added Miss because it shows off my sass. I had the nickname tattooed on my after my grandpa passed away ... I still miss him and the way he used to say my name.

13. I just recently got a puppy of my own. (well mine and that boy I love) His name is Dalton and no I didn't name him, but since then I've gotten use to the name and it suits him. If I thought before my horse was my baby this puppy takes the cake. I use the term "puppy" liberally ... he is 9 months old now and weighs over 60 pounds. He, however, doesn't know he's getting to be full dog sized and likes to sleep on my chest ... I, however, have to take responsibility for this because I let him do it. It's the best thing in the world to come home everyday to someone who's excited to see me and even though he's exhausting sometimes I wouldn't change having him for anything in the world.

14. I think that Dr. Seuss and Rainer Marie Rilke are two of the most brilliant people to have ever walked this earth. They weren't afraid to be real and to try when the world told them they couldn't do something. The things Dr. Seuss has to say about using imagination and the things Rilke has to say about living life are some of the most inspiring things I've ever heard. They are life changing figures for me and I aspire to take risks as they did. When I have especially frustrating days I turn to them and they have this way about them that makes me feel better.

15. I want to write a book someday. I would love to publish something, but it isn't necessary as long as I write. This blog came not only out of me wanting to work my way through everything that's bothering me, but also the fact that I love to write. I think writing is a serious business. It helps people purge and come to term with their emotions. I enjoy having people read what I write even though it can be embarrassing, which is why I plunge into this blog revealing all information I wouldn't normally, because I'll never move forward with my writing unless I get over this first road  block.

That's me in a nut shell. Some stuff you would see on the surface ... some you wouldn't. Now I'm one step closer to knowing myself ... see you tomorrow.

oh and p.s. I really like using the ... or a - or a ~ in my writing and if that bothers you I'm sorry I think those things convey volumes of words I could never express.


  1. aww I love #5 :)

    Your blog header made me giggle by the way. Isn't it hard?!

    xoxo rachel

  2. I love the color purple, as well. Isn't Whoopi Goldberg great? ha.

  3. I love you and am so glad to be your "sister"!! Enjoying reading mostly things I already know about you, but i must say I never realized how good of a writer you are! very nice! looking forward to tomorrow's blog!

    Stacey :-)

  4. Thanks Rachel! That just upped my self esteem a notch :)
    D. Reed ... really you knew what I meant ... the actual color ... but the book The Color Purple (I've never seen the movie) was indeed good.
    And Stace thank-you for taking an active interest in what I'm doing ... I thank God for my "sister" daily