Saturday, January 22, 2011

By the way Regret really does make you old

So, I know I said I would start most of my posts with a quote, but I just got slapped in the face with this reality and I had to share it. This week I met the woman I never want to be in my entire life. I was substitute teaching in an inclusion class and she was subbing for the Language Arts teacher ... She. Was. AWFUL.  She was hateful and bitter and mean and spiteful. She yelled at the students the whole time about not talking and then she sat in the back with me talking about how horrible our education system is the whole class. While I know these things to be true, I don't want to complain about them all period and in front of students.  She talked about how teachers can't make it in on their own merit anymore and it's not about how good you are it's about who you know.  While I understand this concept and I see it happen around me I would like to hold out hope that maybe it isn't always the truth.  She talked about all the things she wished she were doing besides subbing and how she should have gotten this one job and it never happened because some incompetent teacher stole it out from under her. Can we say BITTER? Can we say someone should have chosen a different life path? Can we say REGRET taking over? After I spent 50 minutes with this woman I vowed never to let any regret or bitterness I have towards something take over me like that. I will beat this. I will look at my life and not bitch because I didn't do something differently. I will not be that awful woman. I will remember what Bill Hicks said, "Life is just a ride," and stop taking everything so seriously. Most of all I will NOT be her ... did I get that point across?

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