Tuesday, June 14, 2011

*New Room*

This is my 75th post ... wow ... when I first started blogging and realized that I ran out of things to bitch about I wondered how I would continue on in the blogoshpere ... but alas I have kept going (sporadic at best I know ... sorry) and I think I have all of you lovely people to thank. I would have never made it to 75 without inspiration and link ups and reading all your fabulous stories! So, thank-you my friends! And thank-you for not giving up on me when I don't blog for a week (oooppss sorry).

Anyways ... on with the post ... does anyone remember when I showed you all the awful pictures of my 13 year old room that I had to move back into and I told you that my wonderful, amazing mother was in the process of re-doing it and suiting it to my adult needs? If you don't remember you can go HERE and see the ugly pictures and my wish that it be re-done right away. Well .... it's finally finished! Wooooooooo! I love it here now! I hardly leave! :) there's still some picture frames that need hung and new pictures put in them ... but the big overall picture is D-O-N-E Woooo! Take a look ...

The NEW bathroom! :)

Bigger views of the room :)

My favorite part of my room :) the bookshelf, desk combo 
What can I say ... I'm an English Teacher

Ta Da! There it is :) and I'm loving every minute of living in it!

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