Saturday, June 4, 2011

Book 'em Dano!

Remember how I complained all week about not knowing what day it is? These girls are the reason for all my confusion

First the women from a former school I worked for took me out to celebrate my new Big Girl JOB!
They made me do shots
and more shots
oh and some more shots


Then it was off to a Bachelorette party for the pretty girl in the pretty red dress
it was on an island
with lots of drink
lots of penis (the decorating kind ... ha)
lots of sun
lots of dancing
not so much food
not so much sleep
and a ferry ride back home


Then it was Memorial Day Parade tradition with my beautiful girlfriends
which also meant
no sleep
and some day drinks

Need I say more?

Here's hoping I get my days straight this week :)

But if the epitome of fun isn't driving a penis clad golf cart on an island, while day drinking
celebrating marriage
then I just don't know what you think fun is.


  1. so. flippin. awesome. I'm a bit jealous of all of this right now :)

  2. i know what ya mean - i've had that kind of weekend for a few weekends in a row! and congrats on the big girl job and hope you enjoyed all your drinky's!!! :):)

  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! Hope you enjoyed every minute of it! :)