Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ta-Da Tail Wagging Tuesday!

I finally got my shit together long enough to actually link up with miss CMae for another fun round of Tail Wagging Tuesday!!!!! I actually made it before 10:00 at night and before it today turned into Wednesday! SCORE! 

Today's topic for Tail Wagging Tuesday is "The Look" ... you know the "The Look" that only your baby can give 
Here's Mr. Dalton and his "Look"
This is the "Are you serious with what you just did, Mom?" look :) this one he reserves for me when I've done something worth him judging me over ... I get this one a lot when I pull already worn work out clothes out of the hamper ... it's like he knows I'm gross and if he could talk he would totally tell people that I am for sure!

That's my baby and his mom judging look :) I love him anyways I don't care if he judges me ... head over to see everyone else that knows their babies have "looks" :)


  1. Look at that sweet face! Precious! Cute picture :)


  2. Thank you so much for linking up! !

  3. He is so hansom! looks like he is giving you a one eyebrow raised look.

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