Monday, May 23, 2011

Many Manic Mumblings of Mondays

Hey y'all ... I feel like a mumbler today ... this is probably because I might have a case of the Mondays ... instead of fighting this I'm going to embrace it ... see that positivity?
In order to embrace the mood I'm joining my fellow mumblers about miscellaneous items over at lowercase letters  for miscellaneous mondays.
 Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
1. Today is a struggle
as was yesterday
because I apparently thought I could drink with the Big Boys on Saturday
guess what folks ... I can not

My Dad and his assistant coaches and my uncle and their friends
destroyed me ... and I'm still paying for it
two days later

2. It started raining again today
such is life

3. My hair is beyond frizzy
yeah ... that's what it looks like ... or would if I hadn't pulled it up

4. Tomorrow I get to go in and meet everyone at my
Brand New Teaching Job

5. of course then the planning starts
did I already say such is life?

Happy Monday Y'all ... embrace the Monday Mumbles :)


  1. I am feeling your pain today. I had a wedding in GA this weekend, with my boys and it was hard to hang!

  2. ohh "drinking with the big boys"...haha. more often than not I'm the one others can't keep up with (not sure if I should be proud of that) but I pay for it regardless. sometimes for a day, sometimes two. once or twice it may have taken me 3 to recover fully!